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†  Welcome to Women of the Bible

Women of the Bible is a bible study designed for women who are available during the day. It is ideal for:

  • Retired women
  • Mom’s of kids in school
  • Women who have limited child care


Our study uses books entitled “Women of the Bible” and “Men of the Bible” which are one year devotional studies that we take two years to complete for a total of four years if you do both.


The cast of characters is long and colorful including:

  • Men and women young and old
  • Married and single
  • Heroes and villains
  • Sinners and prophets
  • Commoners and kings and queens


These books cover subjects like:

  • Fear and indecision
  • Struggles with sexual temptation and infertility
  • Worry about children
  • Longing for real affection
  • The ache of loneliness
  • The devastation of betrayal


There is minimal homework and great group discussion so it’s the perfect bible study for the beginner and still challenging enough for the scholar.


We meet Wednesday mornings, September- June, in the conference room of the parish office at 9:15am and we finish promptly at 10:30am. The cost of the study is $20 and this includes your book. All are welcome to drop in but be sure to check with the parish office first as we follow the school calendar for holidays.
For more info call Valerie at 760-689-6207.