To support this trip we will be having “A Night Out Dinner Social” fund raiser on Saturday, June 28th. At the Dinner we want to have a Silent Auction and a Raffle. To make this fund raiser a success, so that we can support the mission work, we need “large ticket” items for the Silent Auction and we need gift baskets and smaller ticket items for the Raffle.

We hope that you can join us in helping to carry on this mission work in Kenya by providing some items for the mission fund raiser and by attending the Dinner on June 28th.

Our Mission Is:

  • To help village youth complete their education
  • To help the youth become self-reliant, contributing members of their communities in  order to raise their families out of poverty.

Since 2008 we have been assisting orphans and their caregiver families with:

  • Educational support:  School uniforms, school fees, school supplies
  • Agricultural training:  Sustainable farming of maize, green grams, cassava
  • Community development projects:  Water dispensing kiosks for income generation
  • Animal husbandry training:  Goat breeding projects 

Our youth are now graduating from college and returning to the villages to teach and assist their communities with a vision of self-reliance and self-determination.
You can help us succeed in these villages by becoming a donor. 

Please contact:
Lango Baya Mission:  a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization
Doug Boggs: -- or 760-237-0232
The Founder of the Mission, Doug Boggs, has been a member of St. Peter the Apostle Parish since 2004.

All people should have the opportunity to live free of fear, to fulfill the basic needs of life and to improve their lives and overcome obstacles which they did not create.

Food distributions for families in serious need is accommodated through registration with our Village Coordinators who know the families and visit them regularly.  We also distribute school uniforms which are required for school attendance in Kenya.
Our high school (secondary) students have been with us for several years and are progressing well toward a path that will take them to college and beyond.  Perhaps for most, they will be the first member of their family who has gone past a high school education.  We also have quite a few students in our program who are attending college or university.  We have university students who are graduating each year with Bachelor's Degrees, which would not have been possible without your support.  We also have college students studying Community Health and Development who indicate a desire to come to work for us when they complete their studies.  We are very excited about working with them.  Education is an essential element in promoting self-sufficiency within the families and communities in Kenya.
In addition to the above projects, we continue to provide school supplies and school books, especially reading books for elementary age children, which are sorely needed in the schools in Kenya.  We have also provided medical clinics in the villages and motivational seminars for students during the periods of school breaks. We initiated and continue to support a tree planting project with the children in the villages to help restore the biodiversity that once existed in this region.  And with a grant from Rotary Clubs International we constructed six water distribution kiosks in six villages to create greater access to water for the women and girls who must collect water each morning and evening and carry it to their huts.  We do all this as part of our long term goal of promoting community development and self-reliance among the families who live in the Malindi District.

We are thankful for the support of our donors who make all this work possible.
For more information please contact:
 Doug Boggs: -- or 760-237-0232