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†  Welcome to Small Faith Communities

Why be a member of a Small Faith Community?

Because people long to belong. We want to know that we are of value to our parish community and that our parish community will add value to our lives.  A Small Faith Community (SFC) is a group of 10-14 parishioners who meet together regularly.

As Small Faith Communities, we live with purpose and meaning by connecting what we believe with how we live. We connect to each other and to the larger parish community. We connect the teachings and traditions of the Church to daily life. We connect faith in Christ and the call to service.

We don’t just attend St Peter the Apostle Catholic Parish; we belong.

Our Mission Statement:
We, the Small Faith Communities of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Parish, aspire to be Christ centered, welcoming groups of believers: one in mind, heart and spirit. We serve our Lord, our church family and the larger community by building faith-based, loving, trusting relationships. We meet together to grow as disciples through praise, prayer, study and service.

Our Values:

Faith: Connect what we believe with how we live and how we live in community

Commitment: Our gatherings are a priority, we are present and accountable to each other

Trust:  Share openly and honestly in complete confidentiality

Communication:  Open, honest and safe as we share with active listening

Stewardship: Compassionate in our service to others with love and integrity

For further information or to provide comments please contact Teresa via email: