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Are you divorced, separated or remarried outside the church?

Perhaps you have some of the following questions:

  • On what grounds does the church declare nullity for a marriage?
  • Does an annulment make the children illegitimate?
  • Why do I have to complete an annulment process before remarrying?
  • What if I have already remarried?


The Marriage Nullification team is here to help you.


Who are we:

We are a group of trained ministers that assist Catholics (who have been away from the sacraments or the Church due to a former marriage) return to full communion with the Church.  We also assist those seeking to come into the Church who have been married more than once, or whose spouse has been married more than once.


What do we believe:

The Church has a rich treasury of people, scripture, tradition and pastoral ministry to serve our members whose marriage ended in divorce. Through our work with you we strive to provide a forum so that individuals experience healing, reconciliation and new life as they seek nullification of a prior marriage or marriages.


What we do:

With empathy and sensitivity we help you review a period in your lives that may have been or is still painful.  We listen to your story with empathy and sensitivity to find out if there is a case for nullification and if so help you fill out the necessary paperwork to be submitted to the Diocesan Tribunal.  This healing process is confidential, private and not done to place blame in any way. 


Individuals who have worked with us say:

  • The process was challenging and yet healing. 
  • It enabled me to heal hurts, let go of doubts and bring about closure. 
  • Now I can move on in my life with deeper relationships with family, friends, children and God.
  • I feel like I truly belong to my church again.


How do I get help:

If you are interested in learning more about the nullification process please call the Church Office.   760-689-6200