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†  Welcome to our "Come and See" Ministry

Come and See is a ministry of active Catholics who provide a welcoming, non-judgmental dialogue where returning Catholics can discern a path to full fellowship in the Church.

Come and See offers returning Catholics an opportunity to explore their faith in a safe and confidential environment. It is an opportunity to share our spiritual journeys together, learning from one another.  Come and See offers a supportive community to explore changes, issues and share the many aspects of the faith.

Our welcoming Come and See team members would be happy to engage with you in the faith sharing process — not to cure, instruct, fix or in any way to sit in judgement of the opinions or faith stance of another.

Please Contact: John & Jody Hersh  760-728-8202   john@jnjhersh.us  or

Colleen Aichle  760-723-0384  colleenaichle@yahoo.com

A link to the national Catholics Come Home website: